October 12, 2020

Despite the best efforts of the organisation, the presentation of this year’s Bestmed Tshwane Classic won’t be possible on 1 November due to the challenges that have been posed to numerous organisational elements by Covid 19 over the past eight months.

“There are just too many crucial infrastructure, personnel and disaster management requirements  which might not function well enough on such short notice for us to have peace of mind that cyclists lives are safe and that they will have an enjoyable experience,” said race owner Mauritz Meyer from the Hectic Promotions non-profit company.

“We are not cancelling that race and we will present it as soon as the crucial elements to ensure proper presentation are in place, and when we can trust the normal organisational processes amid a normal functioning society which isn’t adversely affected by Covid.

“We regretfully apologise to our riders. All entry fees will be valid for the new date of presentation. We have provisionally secured the date of 21 February 2021.” 

According to Meyer, if the presentation of the event isn’t possible within the first quarter of 2021, entry fees will be carried over to next year’s scheduled presentation on 7 November 2021.

“It’s almost unbelievable that we are left having to make sense of the situation the Bestmed Tshwane Classic finds itself in. I am quite sure we will never face anything similar in our lifetime.

“We know what an incredible positive contribution the presentation would have made to the moral of Tshwane’s cyclists and residents. We really wanted to present the event. 

“But it is an untenable situation in which sensible solutions are not possible, and it is highly unlikely that things will improve while the government regulated lockdown is still in force.

“The lockdown has destroyed a major part of the mass participation event industry, and it is going to take years to recover.

“Within the Covid 19 parameters and allowance by government, we felt that it was our responsibility to do the best we can to deliver a quality product amid these trying circumstances, but it’s impossible at this stage,” said Meyer.

“We thank our loyal title sponsor Bestmed and the City of Tshwane for their support of the event. In this instance, we particularly thank them for their patience and understanding of the unchartered stormy waters the event has had to navigate,” he concluded. 

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