October 16, 2019
October 28, 2019

Vesting the Bestmed Tshwane Classic as a major sporting event on the African continent is the simple and stated goal for Pretoria’s signature mass participation cycling event, which takes place next Sunday.

Councillor Sakkie du Plooy, MMC for Community and Social Development Services in Tshwane, said the race has proven itself in the first two years and the city is committed to growing the event.

“The race has become part of the heartbeat of Tshwane and we look forward to welcoming cyclists to our city on 3 November this year,” said Du Plooy.

“Sport is crucially important for the city and we owe it to residents to present a showcase cycling event. It’s time for Tshwane to present a true mass participation cycling race and we will ensure the event receives support to create a traffic free environment for cyclists on race day.”

“There’s much excitement to see the development of this wonderful initiative. We are lending our full support to the event and will assist to entrench the race as a major sporting event for the African continent,” he said.

“Tshwane has a strong focus on developing sport, and we are delighted to see the efforts of the organisers to bring a cornerstone cycling event to the African continent and to South Africa’s capital.

“I was present during the organisation over the past two years and the race was staged very successfully, attracting 5000 cyclists in the first year in 2017 and 7000 cyclists last year.”

“All the important building blocks are in place for the race to become a true city event and I won’t be surprised at all if it rivals the Cape Town Cycle Tour and Ride 947 in the next few years.

“The route is absolutely delightful and presents a challenge for all types of riders. Whether you’re trying to achieve a certain finishing time or merely just trying to finish – the City of Tshwane has the stated aim of accommodating everyone, making it truly the peoples’ race,” he said.

Besides the signature 98km race, which takes riders past all the major historical landmarks in Tshwane, fun riders are also catered for with the 50km and 20km routes, while kids can have a bash at either 5km or 500m at the Voortrekker Monument.

Courtesy of the Tshwane Metro’s support, a total of more than 600 metro police officers, 250 marshals and more than 20km of barricading will be deployed to ensure total road closure for cyclists.

All bus and taxi routes are being diverted, and the race route is closed effectively by predominantly barricading and with the assistance of a massive personnel base from SAPS and Tshwane Metro Police.

Said Du Plooy, “We are calling on residents to have patience on the roads on 3 November. As was the case with the Cape Town Cycle Tour and 947 we really work hard to create an awareness platform around the event and deploying a logistical plan which impacts as little as possible on residents.

“The positive response from residents has been remarkable and the majority of residents have embraced the event.”

For more information about the race go to www.tshwaneclassic.co.za or email hecticpromotions101@gmail.com

Follow the race on Facebook @tshwaneclassic



About Bestmed:

Bestmed is a non – profit, mutual medical scheme registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. It has been providing quality healthcare to the lives of South Africans for over 52 years.

Bestmed owes its continued growth and success to its loyal members’. Bestmed is by members, for members and this philosophy is at the essence of the organisation. Bestmed is passionate about enhancing the quality of healthcare for its members’ and takes pride in its tailored Beat, Pace and Pulse plan options.

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About Hectic Promotions: Hectic Promotions is a registered non-profit corporation and boasts a proven record of accomplishment in presenting mass participation cycling events which fulfil the requirements of sponsors, stakeholders and participants.

It is one of the foremost cycling event organisation companies in South Africa with a long history of presenting prestigious events on the national cycling calendar that benefit several community-based charity projects.

Released by De Villiers National Cycling, on behalf of the Bestmed Tshwane Classic, presented in association with the City of Tshwane, Office National and Jacaranda FM.

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