October 13, 2019
October 23, 2019

Cyclists can look forward to the delightful Green Caps Recycling Expo at the Voortrekker Monument to coincide with the 3rdstaging of the Bestmed Tshwane Classic on 3 November in Pretoria.

Recycling is high on the priority list for the Hectic Promotions non-profit company that organises the Bestmed Tshwane Classic, Pretoria’s biggest cycling race.

One of the community-based projects funded by Hectic Promotions is the Tshwane Green Caps Recycling Project, which assists informal recyclers in Centurion to get goods to market. The project has also created housing and ablutions for recyclers and looks after their well-being.

The project keeps 26 recyclers busy on a full-time basis and these “Green Caps” contribute to the R750 million in landfill space which informal recyclers save the city annually.

Mpact as well as SA Plastics will have encompassing recycling displays at the Monument. Major attractions at the expo will include a model house built from plastic bottles and the popular Mpact mascot.

Other attractions include the interactive “Living Water” display, which will make you cringe when you see how impure our daily drinking water has become, and artist Joseph Ntuli will do an exhibition of works which he makes out of old tyres that can’t be recycled.

“We are committed to recycling and the conservation of our earth,” said race organiser Mauritz Meyer.

“Our recycling project has been running for three years now. As an added charity drive for the Bestmed Tshwane Classic we briefed our Green Caps to collect bottle tops and we engaged with local schools, churches and shops to also do collection drives.

“Through this effort we have collected enough plastic bottle tops to donate three wheelchairs to kids who don’t have the means to buy their own. These wheelchairs will be handed over during the prize giving function.”

The Sweethearts Foundation, through their Tops ‘n Tags programme, recycle plastic tops and bread tags in exchange for wheelchairs. It takes around 450kg in plastic tops, or 225 000 tops to be exact, to get 1 standard adult wheelchair.

According to Meyer the Bestmed Tshwane Classic has prided itself from the outset on being South Africa’s most environmentally friendly mass participation cycling event, and recycling will remain a priority for the race.

“As much as it’s about cycling on race day, it’s also about recycling,” says Meyer.

The Green Caps Recycling Project is one of the nine community-based projects that fall under the management of his Hectic Promotions non-profit organisation.

In a bid to ensure that recycling remains part and parcel of the event, the race’s partnership with South Africa’s largest paper recycler, Mpact Recycling, continues.

Mpact Recycling forms part of the Johannesburg-based paper and plastic packaging business, Mpact Limited. The company annually recycles 450 000 tons of paper

Bestmed Tshwane Classic operations manager Darren Herbst said their focal point on waste clean-up and recycling is at the Voortrekker Monument, where the race starts and finishes, and at waterpoints.

“We have to ensure that the areas surrounding the water points are all cleaned up after the cyclists have been through,” he said. “For this we employ a team of workers from the local community to assist in clearing the debris and it ends up with the recyclers.”

He added that they only use environmentally friendly material in providing sustenance for the cyclists. “We did away with plastic water sachets and only use cups at the Tshwane Classic, which are collected afterwards for recycling purposes.”

About Bestmed:

Bestmed is a non – profit, mutual medical scheme registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. It has been providing quality healthcare to the lives of South Africans for over 52 years.

Bestmed owes its continued growth and success to its loyal members’. Bestmed is by members, for members and this philosophy is at the essence of the organisation. Bestmed is passionate about enhancing the quality of healthcare for its members’ and takes pride in its tailored Beat, Pace and Pulse plan options.

For more information, please visit www.bestmed.co.za


About Hectic Promotions: Hectic Promotions is a registered non-profit corporation and boasts a proven record of accomplishment in presenting mass participation cycling events which fulfil the requirements of sponsors, stakeholders and participants.

It is one of the foremost cycling event organisation companies in South Africa with a long history of presenting prestigious events on the national cycling calendar that benefit several community-based charity projects.

Released by De Villiers National Cycling, on behalf of the Bestmed Tshwane Classic, presented in association with the City of Tshwane, Office National and Jacaranda FM.

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