Date: 7 November 2021

Venue: Willem Prinsloo Museum

Distances: 112km, 64km

Start: 06:00


The decision to host the Tshwane Classic 1 at a different venue is for safety and health reasons. The Police works under tremendous pressure. Fewer officials will be needed for this race and there will be minimal contacts with outsiders.

The fifth edition of the Tshwane Classic, presented in partnership with the City of Tshwane, takes place on 7 November 2021.

The Tshwane Classic represents the exception to the rule in the current mass participation event space.

Before we embarked on the process of staging the event three years ago, it was 24 years prior since any other city started the process of hosting a mass participation cycling event, which was the 947.

The event boasts a host of differentiating factors.

In just three years the event hosts participant totals that took other major city mass participation cycling events up to eight years to achieve.

The event hosted 200 members from the diplomatic community in 2019.

The event hosted 650 development cyclists in 2019 who all received free entry.

The race boasts unprecedented growth in the mass participation event space.

The race was presented for the first time in 2017 and was an incredible success, attracting just over 5000 riders. In 2019 the event built on this success and reached a participant total of just more than 7000 cyclists.

The vision of the Tshwane Classic was to present Tshwane’s version of the Cape Town Cycle Tour and Ride 947 in a traffic free environment, courtesy of significant buy-in from the Tshwane Local Government.

Four years on the event is irrevocably set on this path, which is an incredible achievement in these challenging economic times.

Buy-in and support from the city increases year-on-year and is nicely illustrated by their commitment annually to fund personnel and equipment.

Traffic officers are on duty on race day to ensure safe passage for cyclists.

The well-balanced and scenic route is at the essence of the event’s success – an element underlined again by participants on various platforms after the 2019 race.

The event is presented by a non-profit organisation and proceeds are used directly to manage various community based welfare projects in Tshwane, in collaboration with the City of Tshwane.

Official Start Times

                                 112 km Road Race    
prefix start category
$ 06h00     CSA Elite Men(23+), U/23Men(19-22)
& 06h00    CSA U19 Junior Men (17-18)
VA 06h05     CSA Lic Vet Men (30-39)
VB 06h10 CSA Lic Vet Men (40-49)
VC 06h15 CSA Lic Vet Men (50+)
% 06h20 CSA Elite Ladies(23+),U/23Ladies(19-22)
%V 06h20 CSA Lic Vet Ladies
TL 06h30 Tandems
PrL 06h30 Para Cyclists
AL 06h35 Open/Seeded
BL 06h40 Open/Seeded
CL 06h45 Open/Seeded
DL 06h50 Open/Seeded
EL 06h55 Open/Seeded
                                64 km Road Race   
prefix start category
* 08h30 CSA Lic U15&U17 Boys and U17 Girls
%+ 08h30 Junior Ladies (17-18)
TM 08h35 Tandems
PrM 08h35 Para Cyclists
AM 08h40 Open
BM 08h45 Open
CM 08h50 Open
DM 09h00 Open
EM 09h00 Open



The Tshwane Classic race village is situated centrally inside the grounds of the Willem Prinsloo Museum. They offers more than enough parking and venue infrastructure to ensure a user-friendly experience for participants.

The Bicycle Company, Doornkloof Mall, Centurion
Thursday 4 November 2021, from 10:00 – 16:00
Cyclelab Fourways;
Friday 5 November 2021, from 09:00 – 16:00
Solomons Cycles, Lynnwood;
Saturday 6 November 2021, from 09:00 – 13:00
Saturday 7 November from 05:30 at the Willem Prinsloo Museum

111km: R350

64km: R220

Entries close at 23h59 on Monday 31 October 2021

You will be required to produce your valid CSA license or proof of provincial affiliation at registration or you will be required to purchase an event license.
For all the new CSA Racing and Licensing Rules and Regulations please visit the CSA website, click here.
Seeding of the events is done according to the Cycle Events national seeding ladder for all online entries and pre-entries received and paid before the closing date.

Each rider must complete a separate entry form or enter as required online.  
Please fill in your tandem-partner’s name and ID.  Both Tandem riders must wear Race Tec timing chips to have a result and seeding for the event.


Timing results for the road event to be done by Race Tec.
Each entrant must be in the possession of a Race Tec timing chip to receive timing.
Each cyclist must carry the Race Tec timing chip for the duration of the event.
Race Tec timing chips will be for sale at the registration venues as well as at the start .

Cut Off Time 13h00

No cyclist may use another person’s cycling number.
If you are unable to ride, someone may take your place with a letter of authorization from you.
Your entry fee will not be refunded and the substitute participant will be required to pay a fee of R60 over and above the applicable entry fee.
Distance changes will be treated as a substitution.
No substitutions will be allowed on race day, regardless of circumstance.
Your entry fee will not be refunded.


Ample Lead and sweep vehicles will be available as well as a strong contingent from Metro Police.
All participants are deemed to have acquainted themselves with the rules and regulations and are bound to them.
Cyclists must at all times obey the instructions of the traffic officers and marshals and comply strictly with the rules of the road, unless authorized to the contrary by a traffic officer or a marshal.
Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we will have a quick price giving after riders per group is over the winning line. Make sure you put on your face mask for price giving

The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled for safety reasons. No refunds will be made.

The provisional results of the event will be available within 24 hours on the website:  www.racetec.co.za
Any objections must be tabled with the race organizer / referee / CSA officials within 1 hour after the finish of the race, and accompanied by a payment of R100. Further changes to the results must be sent to queries@racetec.co.za no later than 7 days after the race. NO CHANGES will be made thereafter, as they cannot be included in the National Seeding Index.


The race organizers have complete discretion in deciding whether to accept the entry of a participant. The organisers retain the right to refuse the entry of any rider should they so decide. All race results will be in the hands of the race organisers whose decision will be final, there being no right of appeal.
For any further enquiries please contact hecticpr1@gmail.com





Long Route - 112km

  • Start at - Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum
  • Left op R104 Bronkhorstspruit L
  • eft on R513 / R568 Cullinan L
  • eft on R513 Cullinan
  • Left on R515 Rayton
  • Cross Over R104
  • Cross Over N4
  • Left on R25 Bronkhorstspruit
  • Left on R 513 / R568 Bronkhorstspruit
  • Cross Over N4
  • Left on R104 Pretoria
  • Right at Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum Entrance Road

Short route - 64km

  • Start at Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum
  • Right on R104 Pretoria
  • Left on R515
  • Cross Over N4
  • Left on R25 Bronkhorstspruit
  • Left on R 513 / R568 Bronkhorstspruit
  • Cross Over N4
  • Left on R104 Pretoria
  • Right at Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum Entrance Road
Tshwane Cycle Museum 112km



Profile 112km

Tshwane Museum – Short Route 58


Entry Fees














Welfare Projects

SA Cycle for Food Welfare Projects
SA Cycle for Food NPO was established to take over the welfare projects of Hectic Promotions and continue to look after the less fortunate in the community. 
The new NPO operates with sponsorships, donations and cooperation with Hectic Promotions. The expenses are controlled with a steely hand and nobody enriches himself through any of the projects. 
The only persons and organisations who will receive compensation are employees, contractors and suppliers. 

  1. Community involvement in marshalling

We use the needy as Marshalls during our cycle races. Thereby they receive a small fee and we provide them with food. 
These expenses come from the income of Hectic Promotions. We need to get the community involved to ensure the safety of riders and through their involvement more people are aware of the importance of rider' safety on the road. 
We will increase the number of Marshalls to ensure greater safety - SA Cycle for Food will assist with recruiting Marshals in the community. 

  1. Bottle Caps

The first wheelchair was delivered by Crawford School and it gave much joy to the recipient as well as to persons and children who contributed to the collection of bottle caps to make the donation possible. 
The recycling team we have brought into existence has made a tremendous contribution and will continue to do so. 
We will involve more recycling teams to assist the children at Crawford School. They are very excited about the project and want to make a bigger contribution. 
Even though we collect most of the caps, the idea is that the schools / children involved feel like they are the donors and thus the recycling seed is sown early on in their lives. The youngsters must feel it is something they have achieved. 
We want to stay in the background and a possible sponsor can get great exposure in this way – it’s a wonderful welfare gesture. 
Furthermore, it will go a long way in making people aware of recycling. We only have one earth and we must look after it.
The earth then and now

  1. Recycling

Our Green Caps Recycling Project is still progressing nicely, and a record is kept of all individuals who work to ensure that no unwanted elements penetrate the group.
The biggest problem remains a suitable site because our recyclers operate under difficult circumstances, yet they do a wonderful job. They earn enough through their hard labour to put food on the table for their families. 
Our project can certainly serve as a model and there is still work to be done. They have a big tent had with beds / mattresses and toilets. 
There are some who prefer to live differently because their privacy is apparently violated by living together, but that’s up to the individual. At least we know our recyclers have a roof over their heads and they live in hygienic conditions.
Water is a problem; hence they can’t grow their own vegetables. We made a garden for them from desert plants and they are very proud of their “home”. 
The Young Christian Businessmen have decided to help, and the model will be carried further in Tshwane. 
We all have a responsibility to recycle and our model creates jobs for many unemployed people. 
The more people actively involved, the better the program functions.

  1. Tyres

Joseph Ntuli is a full-time employee who makes beautiful sculptures and ornaments from old tyres. He has a Senior School Certificate and we sent him for a course in gardening. 
We also helped him by paying for a driving school for him to obtain a driver's license. We want to help him build a future for himself.
Die recycling of old tyres through this process is a wonderful initiative. Following the training we gave Joseph he has become a true artist. 
We supply him with hardware, electrical equipment and paint and his sculptures keep getting better.
They attract quite a bit of attention and the demand for his products is continually growing.
Tyre companies have bought into the project and keep on supplying us with old tyres.

  1. Plants

Every year we donate between 400 to 500 seedling plants to the church and they use the funds they generate from sales to provide needy old age homes with food. We also grow plants for CHOC Houses and the Tshwane Clinics.

  1. CHOC House garden. 

It’s vitally important to make the house where these children live beautiful and child friendly. Many children come from Limpopo and Mpumalanga and they spend a few weeks there at a time while being treated for cancer. 
We have painted the outside walls in collaboration with Dr. Maretha van der Merwe and the Tshwane Health Inspectors who did this as part of their Mandela Project. 
They frequently do such projects with us as part of their contribution to Mandela Day. 
The garden at the Choc House is progressing beautifully and it will be one of the most beautiful gardens in the area. 

  1. Homeless vegetable cultivation project

The Tshwane Metro have approached us to assist at two shelters for the homeless in the city centre. 
The residents would like to grow their own vegetables and there is one homeless person who knows the process well and can assist in growing vegetables. 
He will train the residents so that they can make an active contribution to produce their own food. 
We will assist with the tyres in which the vegetables will be grown as well as compost. We will also monitor the progress. 


  1. Katjiepiering school

The pre-primary school in Hermanstad has 93 pupils from all population groups. The little school has existed for the past 40 years and the current head, Mrs. Annette Cunniff has been with the school since 1988. 
The school is dependent on donations because the parents cannot pay school fees. The school has a lot of potential to be one of the best in the area. 
There is urgent maintenance work that must be done, but funds are not available. 
We work with the Metro Food Bank and organise donations of fresh fruit and vegetables and we will beautify the little school for the children. 
We replaced the roof at an expense of R80 000 with funds from the Bestmed Tshwane Classic in 2019

  1. Clinics

Three years ago, the Tshwane Metro gave us permission to start renovating two clinics for them. One is in Atteridgeville and the other in Lyttleton. 
The Tshwane Metro gave us a workshop/storeroom where all Joseph’s ornaments are produced.  There is also enough room to store the unused tyres - space is a big problem. 
The establishment of vegetable gardens at these clinics is still a challenge because they must train their gardeners to maintain and regularly water the gardens. 
The plants we use, are hardy and drought resistant plants.

  1. Job creation

These projects have led to a job creation project. It is important that the workers at these projects must be reliable and they must be able to work independently. 
The path that we’ve laid out this stage with Joseph Ntuli is excellent. He has distinguished himself as someone who can carry on with his assignments without supervision.
The remuneration package / benefits he receives now isn’t enough and we want to give this our serious attention. 
A jobless artist has also crossed out path and we would like to accommodate her to refine the painting of ornaments and raise the standard. Mieke Point has already hinted that she would like to assist us until she has established herself as an artist. 

  1. Cullinan environment

The area has many informal settlements living in poverty. The Provincial Councillor Adriana Randall assist us with upliftment work in the area. 
She is well acquainted with the area and with the Premier Mining Group would like to assist us in the area. 
We started by delivering 600 knitted beanies for small children at nursery schools during last winter. 
We are currently working to beautify the small schools’ play areas with ornaments. The community appreciates our project. 
They showed their support of the Diamond Classic bicycle race that we present to raise awareness for cyclists’ safety

  1. Royal Bofokeng Chief - Sun City

The Chief of the Royal Bafokeng Nation gave us permission to use his grounds in the Sun City area in order to significantly improve our mountain bike race. 
We are currently engaged in negotiations with Cycling South Africa to host the SA Championships in along out Cycle4Cansa race. 
As a token of our appreciation for his gesture, we donated beanies and garden ornaments so they can decorate nursery schools. 
It is important to gain the goodwill of the local people to ensure the smooth running of the Cycle4CANSA race. 
There is currently a great need for old office equipment which have become obsolete at their institutions where they were in use. 
They want the equipment and computers donated to them to assist in the teaching kids at schools.
As we strengthen our friendship, we will look at job creation projects to help alleviate poverty

  1. CANSA. 

We have staged the Cycle4Cansa race at Sun City for the past 22 years. Race proceeds are donated to CANSA.
We are in the final planning stages to present a second event in aid of CANSA at Lanseria. The race will be known as the Joburg Classic.

  1. Knitting Project

In our society there are so many lonely pensioners who wish to deliver a contribution to assist needy children. 
The knitting project yielded 500 beanies in the first year, 1600 in 2018 and 2500 in 2019. The number of volunteers is often more than the wool we can provide.
The major challenge remains to get a provider who doesn’t charge exorbitant prices for wool. 
The wool must meet certain standard but can by any colour. 
It gives children a lot of joy and keeps them warm in winter! 

The projects are managed by SA Cycle for Food NPO (Registration 2018/373299/08).
It has its own bank account at Absa (40 9569 1834). 
The source of income is sponsorships and donations. 
The account is used only for the management of SA Cycle for Food's projects and will not fund any other person or institution.


Our Partners

Charities that will benefit from the event include the Cancer Association of South Africa and the Keep Tshwane Clean/ THUSO LEFATSHE project by Tshwane Metro and Hectic Promotions.

The aim with this project is to improve the working conditions of the people who search for re-usable and recyclable material in dustbins and to make the people of Tshwane more aware of the important task these people are doing and in the process to promote recycling. South Africa is at present ranked fifth lowest in the world in recycling. We have a responsibility towards Mother Earth and future generations.

The City of Tshwane




Solomons Cycles


The Bicycle Company




For any enquiries please contact Hectic Promotions on email hecticpr1@gmail.com
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