Date: 4 November

Venue: Voortrekker Monument

Distances: 95KM & 60KM

Start: 05:45





Official Start Times

95km Road race (White)

prefix buffer start_time category
$   05h45      CSA Elite Men
&   05h45      Junior Men
VA   05h50      CSA Lic Vet Men (30-39)
VB   05h55      CSA Lic Vet Men (40-49)
TL   06h05 Tandems
TB   06h05 Tandems
VC   06h10      CSA Lic Vet Men (50+)
AL   06h15 Open/Seeded
%   06h20 CSA Lic Ladies
BL   06h30 Open/Seeded
CL   06h34 Open/Seeded
DL   06h38 Open/Seeded
EL   06h42 Open/Seeded
FL   06h46 Open/Seeded
GL   06h50      Open/Seeded
HL   06h54 Open/Seeded
IL   06h58 Open/Seeded
JL   07h02 Open/Seeded
KL   07h06 Open/Seeded
LL   07h10 Open/Seeded
ML   07h14 Open/Seeded


prefix buffer start_time category
*   07h20 CSA Lic U15's and U17's
TM   07h27     Tandems
TB   07h27     Tandems
AM   07h31 Open
BM   07h35 Open
CM   07h39 Open
DM   07h43 Open
EM   07h47 Open


prefix buffer start time category
AS   07h55 Open


prefix buffer start time category
KT   09h00 Open


prefix buffer start time category
KD   09h15 Open



The Tshwane Classic race village is situated centrally inside the grounds of the Voortrekker Monument. The Monument offers more than enough parking and venue infrastructure to ensure a user-friendly experience for participants.

Specific features at the race village will include:

  • Massage therapists on hand to massage tired legs.
  • Top-quality start/finish shoot
  • Easy access to ample parking, entertainment and restroom facilities
  • Spectator-friendly area
  • Bike-tech area
  • Kiddies race
  • Exciting give-aways and competitions

Cycle Lab Fourways (parking inside the parking lot at Cycle Lab)
Wednesday 31 October 2018, from 10:00 – 17:00
The Bicycle Company Centurion (parking inside TBC parking lot or secure in the Cul de sac)
Thursday 1 November 2018, from 10:00 – 18:00
The Maslow Hotel Foyer, Sun Time Square, Menlyn Maine (parking in the under-cover casino parking lot at R10 per vehicle)
Friday 2 November 2018, from 10:00-18:00
The Maslow Hotel Foyer, Sun Time Square, Menlyn Maine (parking in the under-cover casino parking lot at R10 per vehicle)
Saturday 3 November 2018, from 09:00 – 15:00


98km: R330
60km: R200
20km: R100
5km kiddies and celebrity race:  R50
500m kiddies race: R50

Entries close at 23h59 on Tuesday 23 October 2018

You will be required to produce your valid CSA license, proof of Provincial or Club affiliation at registration or you will be required to purchase an event license at registration for R 45.00
Seeding of the events is done according to the Cycle Events national seeding ladder for all online entries and pre-entries received and paid before the closing date.

Late line entries will only be accepted at the registration venues as indicated, not on the day of the race.
A penalty fee of R60 will be applicable for both distances.


Each rider must complete a separate entry form or enter as required online.  
Please fill in your tandem-partner’s name and ID.  Both Tandem riders must wear Race Tec timing chips to have a result and seeding for the event.


Timing results for both the road and mountain bike events to be done by Race Tec.
Each entrant must be in the possession of a Race Tec timing chip to receive timing.
Each cyclist must carry the Race Tec timing chip for the duration of the event.
Race Tec timing chips will be for sale at the registration venues as well as at the start at a cost of R130.00

These cut off times will be strictly adhered to , NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!


20km race

cut off will be 8:30 at the 10km turn around


60km Distance

Cut off 1 : at 30km split point 9:15am

Cut off 2 : at Morgan rd 38km 11:30am

Cut off 3 : at 50km , bototm of Government rd 13:00

Fnl CUT : 14:00 at the finish


98km Distance

Cut of onto short route : at 30km split point on N4 : 8:45am all cyclists will then be turned onto short route 

Cut off 1 : at 50km Long distance turn on N4 10:00

Cut off 2 : at 74km Morgan rd 11:30

Cut off 3: at 88km bottom of government rd :13:00

Fnl Cut off : 14:00 at the finish 


No cyclist may use another person’s cycling number.
If you are unable to ride, someone may take your place with a letter of authorization from you.
Your entry fee will not be refunded and the substitute participant will be required to pay a fee of R60 over and above the applicable entry fee.
Distance changes will be treated as a substitution.
No substitutions will be allowed on race day, regardless of circumstance.
Your entry fee will not be refunded.


Ample Lead and sweep vehicles will be available as well as a strong contingent from Metro Police.
All participants are deemed to have acquainted themselves with the rules and regulations and are bound to them.
Cyclists must at all times obey the instructions of the traffic officers and marshals and comply strictly with the rules of the road, unless authorized to the contrary by a traffic officer or a marshal.
Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.


Prize giving will start at the Voortrekker Monument at 12:00 or as soon after results dependant.
A lucky draw will take place.
No prize money will be handed to winners before the prize giving, regardless of circumstance.
You will forfeit the prize money / trophy if you are not present at the prize giving.

The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled for safety reasons. No refunds will be made.
The official photographer for the event will be Jetline Action Photo available at http://www.jetlineactionphoto.com

The provisional results of the event will be available within 24 hours on the website:  www.racetec.co.za
Any objections must be tabled with the race organizer / referee / CSA officials within 1 hour after the finish of the race, and accompanied by a payment of R100. Further changes to the results must be sent to queries@racetec.co.za no later than 7 days after the race. NO CHANGES will be made thereafter, as they cannot be included in the National Seeding Index.


The race organizers have complete discretion in deciding whether to accept the entry of a participant. The organisers retain the right to refuse the entry of any rider should they so decide. All race results will be in the hands of the race organisers whose decision will be final, there being no right of appeal.
For any further enquiries please contact lenieblou@gmail.com


95km Route Description:
The race start is again in Eeufees Road at the entrance to the Voortrekker Monument. Access to the venue and parking have been improved and in the next few weeks detailed maps of access and parking plans will be published on the event site to ensure riders get to the start as seamlessly as possible.

  • Once through the start shoot the route heads under the N1 Freeway and makes a right turn onto Christiana De Wit for a steady 6km climb up to the right turn onto Wierda Road.
  • Once on Wierda Road the race goes over Old JHB Road and past Zwartkops Golf Course towards the R55 where at 17 km riders take a right turn onto the R55.
  • After passing Zwartkops Raceway on the left, riders head up to the left turn onto the M26 Main Road. This is the first change to last year’ s route.
  • The M26 is a long undulating stretch through an area of predominantly smallholdings and a few new developments.
  • At 36km riders take a right onto the R511 all the way to Hartbeespoort and the N4 connection.
  • At 54k the route pops over and onto the N4 Highway
  • For the next 20km its all open freeway on the N4 back towards the CBD. The wind can be a factor on this stretch and it is slightly uphill all the way, so make sure to keep a bit in the tank.
  • Once you join the short route at 75km you head straight to the left turn onto Steve Biko at 78km
  • Once onto Steve Biko it’s a short downhill before taking the sharp right onto Soutpansberg - be careful at this point as the surface is a bit loose
  • Soutpansberg Road presents the perfect time to regather and reset the mind because at 86km the route takes a right turn onto what is certainly the challenge of the day – TOM JENKINS!
  • The organisation feels Tom Jenkins really brings a great dynamic to the event and it’s honestly a feather in the cap of anyone who can say they have conquered the climb. Tom Jenkins is only about 1km in length but it takes massive effort to tame this beast.
  • Once at the top it’s downhill past the Union buildings and time to take in the view over the city.
  • Once through and out the main gate of the Union Buildings there’s a sharp left and immediate right into Johannes Ramagose Street heading past Tshwane House towards Paul Kruger Street.
  • Once riders have turned left onto Paul Kruger, take a moment to enjoy the array of amazing buildings, a trip around Church Square and the Town Hall.
  • Once off Paul Kruger the route veers left onto Kgosi Mampuru II, past the prison and onto Skietpoort Road.
  • The last 2km is a climb into Freedom Park and the finish has been brought forward and presents itself at the top of the climb towards Freedom Park.

Once through the finish riders freewheel down for 2km into the gates of the Voortrekker Monument and onto the finish village.

60km Route Description

  • The race start is again in Eeufees Road at the entrance to the Voortrekker Monument. Access to the venue and parking have been improved and in the next few weeks detailed maps of access and parking plans will be published on the event site to ensure riders get to the start as seamlessly as possible.
  •  Contrary to the 98km route, the 60km route heads straight to the N4 and goes out and back on the N4, joining the 98km route when the long distance links up with the N4 on the way back from Hartbeespoort.
  • After joining the long ride, the route heads straight to the left turn onto Steve Biko, right onto Soutpansberg and right turn onto Tom Jenkins.
  • Once at the top it’s downhill past the Union buildings, out of the main gate of the Union Buildings, sharp left and immediate right into Johannes Ramagose Street past Tshwane House towards Paul Kruger Street.
  • Once riders have turned left onto Paul Kruger, the route takes a trip around Church Square and the Town Hall before passing Kgosi Mampuru II Prison and then onto Skietpoort Road.
  • The last 2km is a climb into Freedom Park and the finish has been brought forward and presents itself at the top of the climb towards Freedom Park.
  • Once through the finish riders freewheel down for 2km into the gates of the Voortrekker Monument and onto the finish village.

95Km 2018

60Km 2018


98km Profile


50km Profile

Entry Fees












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Cycle4Food (a registered NPO)

Cycle4Food is the beneficiary of three cycling events which attract a combined participation total of 12 000 cyclists.

The Bestmed Cycle4Cansa Classic is now in its 21st year of presentation and this year will see the presentation of the second edition of the Tshwane Classic, which attracted more than 5000 cyclists in its first staging last year.

This year saw the first presentation of the Tshwane Spring Classic in Cullinan to coincide with the existing Tshwane Roodeplaat MTB Challenge.

Funds generated from these cycling events are aimed at alleviating poverty in the communities and to continue to increase the footprint of our charity initiatives.

Cycle4Food is active with nine projects in Tshwane and we would like to increase the previously disadvantaged individuals active in these projects and also extend their reach further.


  • Green Caps Recycling Project:


The Green Cape Recycling Project started when Tshwane Classic organiser Mauritz Meyer convened a meeting of a host like-minded individuals and organisations on 8 July 2017 to address the massive problem posed by recycling.

Recycling is a massive problem in South Africa and government’s goal is to decrease recyclable materials by 70% within ten years. Currently South Africa’s recovery rates for various materials are as follows:

  • Cans: 69 percent
  • Paper: 59 percent
  • Glass: 25 percent
  • Plastic: 17 percent

Meyer wanted to start a project and with this in mind the meeting took place at the NG Church in Wierdapark and more than 100 individuals and organisations attended the meeting.

This meeting led to the establishment of the Green Caps. This unique recycling project is aimed at assisting needy individuals and communities in providing education and active involvement in recycling to improve their living conditions.

We work on the principle that it’s better to teach someone to fish rather than dishing out food.

Cycle4Food’s involvement doesn’t entail simply the dishing out of recycling tools, but rather promoting recycling to the benefit of our environment. Cycle4Food teamed up with a community of car guards and other previously disadvantaged individuals who actively collect and recycle daily.

This project is situated in Lyttleton Road behind the Sasol garage. The recycling area is fenced off to hide it from sight.

These car guards work long hours to try and make a living to support their families. In addition to their “normal” jobs they are also remunerated for their active role in recycling and thereby they assist in keeping our environment green for generations to come.

This group is well-organised, and our task is now to extend this programme into other communities.

  • Growing vegetables in tyres:


Vehicle tyres can’t be recycled because of their high oil content. Cycle4Food received a donation of 3000 tyres and the City of Tshwane has made facilities available at clinics where we teach patients and needy individuals how to grow vegetables in these tyres.

The project kicked off early February. The upkeep of the project involves a skilled leader who receives training in the sustainable growth of vegetables on an intense, micro scale. We are in the process of setting up a course guide book and the course will be accredited upon completion.


  • Winter Woolies Knitting project:

The knitting project is making wonderful progress. In 2017 our old age knitting ladies knitted 400 beanies which were handed out at schools during winter. In the winter of 2018 the contribution was 1800 beanies and our aim is to increase this figure to 2500 in 2019.

Besides the delightful beanies which are knitted, the process also provides a feeling of belonging for these otherwise lonely ladies and they have a wonderful sense of contribution to society.
Our need here is for wool. The more wool we can supply the more beanies our ladies knit.


  1. Improving learning ability at schools:

Drs Ryna du Plooy and Louisa Meyer have completed courses required to present this wonderful initiative which is centred around the use of Lego blocks to improve learning ability. Through our cycling initiatives we have built up a strong relationship with the Danish embassy in Pretoria who assist with blocks, which are manufactured in Denmark.

Research has shown that the children’s learning ability increases dramatically through this program and we are very excited with its implementation.

  • Decorating the Tshwane Medical Clinics


We also use the tyres donated to create beautifully sculpted “recycled” decorations for clinics in Tshwane. Cycle4Food employed a previously unemployed individual, Joseph Ntuli, and sent him on a gardening course and also funded him to get a drivers’ license.

We provide him with tools, hardware and tyres and pay him a monthly salary. This project is solely funded from proceeds generated from three cycling races.

Joseph donates his sculptures to the Tshwane Metro which they use to decorate their clinics. The clinics mostly serve the poor and the idea is to liven up the otherwise gloomy atmosphere which governs these clinics and to lift patients’ spirits.

The clinics that have benefitted from the upliftment project are Rooihuiskraal, Eldoraigne, Lyttelton and Attridgeville. We have also decorated numerous schools and squatter camps.

The Tshwane Metro have made two buildings available to the project. We use one as a workshop and the other as storage for completed sculptures.

At first it was a foreign concept for Joseph, but he become a master and we are planning a exhibitions of his most sought after sculptures.

Cycle4Food would like to train as many unemployed individuals as possible to follow in Joseph’s footsteps. As humanity we all have an obligation to do something for impoverished communities and it’s my task to facilitate this on as big a scale as possible.

  •  Building cycling trails


The kids’ races at our events always attract a lot of attention and are very popular with kids, parents and grandparents.

We have the stated aim of building safe cycling trails for kids in their communities and we have built the first kids track in Wierdapark. This is a very effective employment avenue as we use a number of workers as trail builders. We have wonderful support from the Tshwane Metro and we will extend this initiative to other suburbs.

  • Free race entry to development riders.

All three cycling events presented by us afford free entry for development riders. Over the most recent presentations of the three events, we provided free entry to almost 1000 riders. A total of 700 previously disadvantaged riders took part in the Tshwane Classic alone in 2018.

  • Creating further employment opportunities

Our knitting and tyre decoration projects offer up a training and enterprise opportunities. We would like to teach the skills learnt by Joseph to other unemployed individuals and we would also like to encourage enterprise creation members of the community learning how to knit and then to sell their knitted creations.

  • Revamping Libraries.

The Tshwane Metro struggles to set aside enough funds for upkeep of their facilities and in the past few years public libraries have really started to decay.  We have completed a revamp of the Eldoraigne Library by fixing ceilings, repainting and establishing a beautiful garden at the library.

For more information on Cycle4Food contact Mauritz Meyer:


Our Partners

Charities that will benefit from the event include the Cancer Association of South Africa and the Keep Tshwane Clean/ THUSO LEFATSHE project by Tshwane Metro and Hectic Promotions.

The aim with this project is to improve the working conditions of the people who search for re-usable and recyclable material in dustbins and to make the people of Tshwane more aware of the important task these people are doing and in the process to promote recycling. South Africa is at present ranked fifth lowest in the world in recycling. We have a responsibility towards Mother Earth and future generations.

The City of Tshwane


Voortrekker Monument




Sun International


Rawson Properties


Mpact Recycling


Solomons Cycles


The Bicycle Company










Builders Warehouse


Actop Asphalt




For any enquiries please contact Hectic Promotions on email lenieblou@gmail.com
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